On any given day you can walk into the Pro Shop and find Donny or Heather standing there with a smile waiting to help you with whatever you need. But the big question is where is our Golf Pro? That is an easy answer. Somewhere on property.

Greg has been very dedicated to Reames since his arrival in April 2018. This year he has taken on the grueling task of redoing our course’s bunkers. With the help of multiple members, the money was raised to buy brand new white bunker sand. Greg has personally spent many hours reshaping, digging, and refilling our neglected bunkers. There is still a long road ahead, but our course is looking better than it has in years.

Summer is here, and that means that the kids are out of school. Greg’s favorite thing is to teach our juniors about the game of golf and the values that come along with this prestigious sport. So if you are looking for him in the morning and do not see him working in the bunkers or on a mower then look for a man with a herd of children following him around. He has been described as a mother duck with his little ducklings following him around. It is Greg’s belief that our youth need to be nourished and nurtured because they are our future. He is not only getting them away from the video games and AC, he is teaching them course etiquette that they can take further into their little lives to mold them into role models for others. The lessons that Greg teaches are not just those of how to hold a golf club or hit out of the sand. They are so much more than that.

If Greg is not at Reames odds are he is once again a mother duck but this time his ducklings are members following him to various Pro Ams in Oregon. Not only does this knock the rust off of his own golf swing, but it gives the members that join him a chance to play in thrilling events. This also gives him the opportunity to get to know the membership and build lasting bonds with them.

So where is our Pro you ask? Well..he is somewhere turning Reames back into the special place it was always built to be.

  • New Bunker on Hole #10

  • Hunter & Atlas in full swing

    Hunter & Atlas
  • Greg and his Littles

    Reames Littles
  • Juniors on the Range

  • Tim Steiner, Todd Flocchini, and Gary Koepke at a Pro Am